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Vintage Customize Your Ikea Furniture

You love your home. You want to do everything you can to make it look nice, to give it that extra special vintage touch. But you’re on a tight budget. What to do? Well, it’s very likely that if this is your situation, a large percentage of your furniture came straight from the pages of Ikea.

Expedit Robins Egg Moroccan

Yes, their clean, classic design is unparalleled. But though there are many reasons to love IKEA (a restaurant INSIDE the store, you say?!), one of the undeniable downsides is knowing that everyone else has the same FLÖRGG as you.

IKEA Cabinets White Green
“Hey, that’s my FLÖRGG!”

Well, not anymore! With the (completely mind-blowing) Ikea customization site PANYL, you can choose from hundreds of finishes to add to your favorite furniture, including wood grain, patterns, and the season’s latest colors. For a vintage look, choose teak woodgrain drawer fronts, or why not avacado green shelf lining? Modern, bold patterns (like the robin’s egg blue Moroccan print Expedit above) are another great option to add character to your space.

2014 Pantone Colors

Just think of it – no messing around with painting, sanding, gluing – no mess at all, in fact! It’s basically a giant sticker. Who doesn’t love stickers? You love stickers. And you love IKEA! It’s a match made in heaven.

PANYL vs West Elm