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1910s Vogue Patterns | Edwardian Fashion Sketches

1913 Costumes Parisiennes George Barbier
The Edwardian period was a turning point in fashion history; the Victorian ideal of strict, structured dress met the beginnings of a softer, more lighthearted view of fashion. Young people were anxious to shed not only the physical constraints of the “old” style, but also the social mores that up to that time had been intrinsically linked to clothing in general. It was a time of breaking through limitations, both physical and philosophical.

The fashions that resulted from these social growing pains became more flamboyant, with designers trying radically new and different silhouettes, colours, and textures. They broke rules left and right, pushing the envelope of what was considered ‘acceptable’.

Here are several beautiful Vogue pattern sketches and George Barbier drawings, illustrating the contrasting styles of the decade.

1910s Vogue Pattern 4799 and 47891910s Vogue Pattern 48211910s Vogue Pattern 48001913 La Folie du Jour George Barbier 1913 Costume Parisienne Jewelry George Barbier1910s Vogue Pattern 4828 and 48231910s Vogue Pattern 48311914 Costumes Parisiennes George Barbier1910s Vogue Pattern 4833-341914 Costume Parisienne "Pagode" George Barbier

Free Vintage Sewing Patterns

Like to sew your own vintage-inspired clothing? Here you’ll find links to download completely free, completely adorable vintage sewing patterns. Updated regularly with new finds!

1950’s Petticoat – Burda Style


Couture Inspired 1950s Day Dress – Victoria & Albert Museum

1950s Day Dress

1950s Style Dress – Burda Style


Madeline Mini-Bloomers – Colette Patterns

Madeline mini bloomer

1930’s Beach Playsuit – Vintage Chic

1930s Beach Playsuit

1930’s Beach Suit Romper – Vintage Chic

1930s Beach Playsuit Romper

1930’s ‘Trixie’ Romper – Burda Style

Trixie Romper

1930’s Tennis Dress – Sew Something Vintage 

Tennis Frock

Wide Collar 1950s Dress – Burda Style


1930’s Bias Cut Dress, 1930’s Skirts, 1940’s French Knickers – Vera Venus


1950s Headband – Casey Brown Designs

1950s Headband

1920’s Beaded Bags – Antique Pattern Library

00A19 2618

The Priscilla Smocking Book – Antique Pattern Library

priscilla smocking bookSmocking